They’re the 15 Best Cities to push for Uber

In some towns and cities, driving for Uber really can repay.

We collected formal stats from Uber, surveyed 100 Uber motorists on Reddit, and in addition examined information from certainly and Glassdoor. This assisted united states provide a rough estimate of profits in each town.


  • 1. Bay Area, Ca
  • 2. Nyc, Nyc
  • 3. Seattle, Washington
  • 4. Boston, Massachusetts
  • 5. Washington, D.C.
  • 6. Chicago, Illinois
  • 7. La, Ca
  • 8. Dallas, Texas
  • 9. Miami, Florida
  • 10. Denver, Colorado
  • 11. Atlanta, Georgia
  • 12. North Park, Ca
  • 13. Houston, Texas
  • 14. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • 15. Phoenix, Arizona

1. Bay area, Ca

Uber is incredibly popular in Bay area since it’s its hometown. The town’s high populace thickness and tech-savvy residents donate to greater interest in trips, frequently leading to better profits for motorists. Based on reports, san francisco bay area Uber motorists can make around $30 each hour, partly because of California’s minimum wage of $15.50. Wellness stipends will also be designed for motorists, rendering it probably one of the most profitable towns and cities because of this gig.

2. New york, Nyc

There are 80,000 motorists in New york, and additionally they now make typically $33.30 each hour before guidelines. That’s an important enhance from $23.50 each hour motorists had been making in 2018, in accordance with Uber information and business spokesman Josh Gold. Strict town laws need these motorists to own a particular permit, ensuring an increased standard of security and quality for all utilising the solution.

3. Seattle, Washington

Another technology hub, Seattle has less competition versus other big towns and cities and a good interest in rideshares. Motorists right here can make typically $25,50 each hour, in accordance with different reports. The tech-heavy environment guarantees individuals frequently require fast and convenient transport.

4. Boston, Massachusetts

Known because of its bad traffic and high priced parking, Bostonians frequently choose utilizing Uber over driving their particular vehicles. Typically, Uber motorists in Boston make around $32.75 each hour before guidelines, in accordance with Uber. Slim roads and high parking costs make Uber a go-to solution, particularly during citywide activities.

5. Washington, D.C.

The nation’s money has a mixture of company tourists, tourists, and locals requiring a ride, that may help keep you busy. Profits listed below are $21 one hour. A variety of experts and tourists provide diverse trip possibilities, from airport runs to sightseeing trips.

6. Chicago, Illinois

With a sprawling town and busy nightlife, Chicago has a consistent importance of Uber motorists. In Windy City, you can generate $30.75 each hour, and there’s no shortage of individuals trying to find a ride, particularly on weekends and during activities.

7. La, Ca

LA’s notorious traffic and extensive area suggest individuals frequently choose for rideshares over general public transportation. Uber motorists in l . a . typically make around $29 each hour. In a city in which every person appears to be on the go, ride-sharing fits appropriate in.

8. Dallas, Texas

A spread-out town with countless company Travel, Dallas has a top interest in Uber solutions. Motorists in Dallas can get to create about $23.05/hour (on the basis of the median profits of motorists in Dallas from 2023-10-02 to 2023-10-23). The town’s size and company scene create many possibilities for motorists to help keep busy.

9. Miami, Florida

The town draws countless tourists, whom frequently count on Uber getting around. In Miami, you can generate around $22 each hour. The sunny beaches and vibrant nightlife result in the town a hot spot for trip needs, specially close to the airports and holidaymaker destinations.

10. Denver, Colorado

With an increasing populace and many activities, Denver provides good possibilities for rideshare motorists. Uber motorists in Denver frequently make about $29 one hour (on the basis of the median profits of motorists in Denver from 2023-10-02 to 2023-10-23). The town’s lively downtown and regular activities offer constant company, maintaining you on your way as well as in the funds.

11. Atlanta, Georgia

In Atlanta, motorists frequently end up busy with airport and downtown trips. Motorists makes about $21,48 one hour before guidelines (on the basis of the median profits of motorists in Atlanta from 2023-10-02 to 2023-10-23).

12. Hillcrest, Ca

Both tourists and locals in Hillcrest often utilize Uber, and motorists make around $25 one hour before guidelines.

13. Houston, Texas

Houston has countless company tourists and a busy nightlife, providing numerous possibilities for Uber motorists. Be prepared to make about $19.95 one hour according to median profits of motorists in Houston from 2023-10-02 to 2023-10-23.

14. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In Philadelphia, the mixture of tourists visiting historic web sites and locals going about their time produces constant work with Uber motorists. Profits hover around $24,95 one hour before guidelines (according to median profits of motorists in Philadelphia from 2023-10-02 to 2023-10-23).

15. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix provides a mixture of company and leisure travel, particularly through the cooler months. Uber motorists can get to create about $25.62 one hour before guidelines (according to median profits of motorists in Phoenix from 2023-10-02 to 2023-10-23.).

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