10 Places to offer Coca-Cola Collectibles

So you’ve got a stash of Coca-Cola collectibles and you are willing to turn them into money. From classic indications to limited-edition containers, the marketplace of these nostalgic things is huge.

Let’s check out the top places to market your Coca-Cola collectibles making the absolute most cash.

in which to offer Coca-Cola Collectibles?

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Ruby Lane
  • eBay
  • Reddit
  • Facebook Market
  • Antique Stores
  • Auction Homes
  • Craigslist
  • Flea market
  • 1. Amazon

    Being among the biggest worldwide internet marketplaces, Amazon may be the perfect spot for Coke enthusiasts to search for collectibles. 

    Selling on Amazon is quite simple: You create a free account, mention the cost, and watch for a buyer. Amazon’s intuitive algorithm immediately links your products or services to Coke enthusiasts thinking of buying Coca-Cola collectibles. 

    Considering Amazon’s reputation as well as its wide consumer system, it matters among the most useful places to market Coca-Cola collectibles. 

    2. Etsy 

    Etsy is a great platform that gives an array of items for classic enthusiasts, musicians, and crafters.

    Although the working platform holds countless vendors, each providing an original collectible, its comparatively simpler to be noticed as your listings consist of uncommon collectibles. 

    Listing your collectibles on Etsy may cost you a $0.20 cost for each and every product. Likewise, should your listings usually do not offer in four months, Etsy enables you to restore them. But your things will probably offer immediately as you can sell unique collectibles. 

    After all, Etsy may be the perfect market for classic things and collectibles! 

    3. Ruby Lane 

    As a collector, its impractical to be unacquainted with sites like Ruby Lane. This platform is great for offering different things, including classic items, arts, precious jewelry, and traditional collections. 

    With the working platform gathering countless views month-to-month, attempting to sell on Ruby Lane makes it simple to get a potential customer quickly. But many traffic with this platform is from nations just like the UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, therefore the United States. 

    If your locale cannot fit in with some of the aforementioned nations, finding a prospect with this platform may be harder. In addition, you may incur extra delivery expenses. 

    Nevertheless, Ruby Lane is a wonderful solution the individuals of the nations pointed out. 

    4. e-bay 

    With many traffic involving avid enthusiasts, e-bay makes record to be the best places to market Coca-Cola collectibles. 

    To offer your Coke collectibles on e-bay, you’ll want a free account. After enrolling regarding platform, you’ll select the “Sell” choice regarding platform and list your products or services. Whenever detailing your products or services on e-bay, upload clear images and include information to attract leads towards listings. 

    Among other methods for offering quickly on e-bay, making use of key words may be somewhat helpful. Utilizing key words might help your listings be noticed in order to find purchasers quickly. 

    The most sensible thing about offering on e-bay usually you obtain to be able to pit enthusiasts against one another! Its “auction” prices function enables you to set a base cost for the things.

    5. Reddit

    If you’re seeking to relate to those who share your passion for Coca-Cola memorabilia, Reddit has a passionate Coca-Cola Collectors subreddit.

    This community of enthusiasts is definitely desperate to talk about, purchase, offer, as well as trade Coca-Cola things. Offering right here means you’re reaching an audience that knows the actual value of just what you are providing, while may also get easy methods to cost your collectibles accurately.

    6. Facebook market

    For a fast neighborhood purchase, Twitter market may be good choice. it is user friendly and free go-to spot for exchanging anything from utilized TVs to business furniture.

    It’s neighborhood, which means you don’t need to worry about shipping big things. And since it’s linked to Twitter pages, there’s an extra layer of transparency between purchasers and vendors.

    7. Classic stores

    Some specific traditional stores purchase and sell Coca-Cola memorabilia. Frequently handled by experienced professionals, traditional stores attract purchasers particularly seeking unique, classic things. So that your collectibles can find a brand new house quite quickly.

    8. Auction homes

    For specially uncommon or valuable things, an auction home focusing on collectibles may be the greatest path. The method is pretty simple: your things get appraised, detailed, and get beneath the hammer.

    This establishing can occasionally net you additional money than anticipated, particularly if two bidders enter into a bidding war over your product.

    9. Craigslist

    Craigslist may be the OG of on line classifieds, therefore’s nevertheless a viable choice for offering Coca-Cola collectibles. It’s liberated to upload, therefore the platform has a nearby focus, in order to request pick-up in place of fretting about delivery.

    You may well not find a specialized market as if you would in collector discussion boards, you never ever understand whenever a nearby customer is scouring Craigslist for what you’re offering.

    10. Flea market

    Flea areas are a vintage location for offering a variety of items, including Coca-Cola collectibles. You lease a booth, setup your things, and build relationships shoppers face-to-face. It’s a far more hands-on approach and will be offering the possibility for a few real-time haggling.

    exactly what Counts as a Coca-Cola Collectible? 

    Before once you understand concerning the places to market Coca-Cola collectibles, it’s important to learn by what material matters as a “Coca-Cola Collectible”:

    Coca-Cola containers 

    as the Coke containers are a no-brainer, they feature quite a bit less value set alongside the other collectibles. Based on Coca-Cola, the containers lose their value as a collectible simply because they produced them in millions! 

    Even therefore, the old Coke containers may be of significant value. As an example, a pre-1900s Hutchinson container can price up to $2K! Even though the cash is based on the bottle’s condition, old containers can nevertheless fetch a significant value. 

    Vending devices 

    Although it is really not simple to find old Coca-Cola vending devices, they count as several of the most valuable collector’s things. 

    Coca-Cola vending devices went through different phases of development. But the Coke vending devices through the 1950s period fetch the greatest value. Even in the event dysfunctional and beyond fix, these vending devices cost between $1-10K. 

    Coca-Cola Trays 

    In its beginning, Coca-Cola utilized trays as part of its advertisement promotions. These trays often included an imprinted impression of a new individual enjoying a Coke container. 

    Since Coca-Cola crafted these trays making use of tin, they don’t have actually a top value either. Expect an authentic Coca-Cola tray to buy about $75. But when you yourself have a particular version, just like the Norman Rockwell tray, it may offer for more. 

    Holiday Editions 

    Throughout history, Coca-Cola was understood for offering getaway version packages and containers. As an example, the musician Haddon Sundbloom renditioned a jolly Santa Claus on a Coke pack. This rendition ended up being showcased as Coke’s getaway line. 

    There are different getaway editions in addition to the jolly Santa Claus variation, and so they gets you a significant share. 


    In its 1940s period, Coca-Cola took one step towards unique adverts and developed calendars. But unlike a normal calendar, the Coke calendars utilized photographs to help make their calendars add a visualistic charm for their environments. 

    Today, an antique Coke calendar is true of ranging from $75-129.99!

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