Brand new Orleans vs. Baton Rouge: That Will Be Better?

Not yes about where you should go between brand new Orleans and Baton Rouge?

In this fast contrast, we’ll explore key aspects like price of residing, work possibilities, and standard of living that will help you determine about those two towns and cities. Let’s begin!

Cost of residing

You should dig much deeper on to your pouches to satisfy your requirements whenever surviving in brand new Orleans compared to Baton Rouge. The typical month-to-month costs for a single individual without lease are $1,188 in brand new Orleans and $1,091.5 in Baton Rouge.

The distinction in price of residing becomes more significant whenever housing is roofed. The median house cost in brand new Orleans is $647,0603, which can be above 3 x greater than the median house cost in Baton Rouge of $200,9004.

The median lease for a one-bedroom apartment in town center can be greater in brand new Orleans ($1,967) compared to Baton Rouge ($1,166.67)12. Consequently, housing may be the key which makes brand new Orleans more pricey than Baton Rouge.

So, if you’re searching for a city that provides less expensive housing choices and reduced expenses of residing, Baton Rouge may be the spot to get.

Verdict: Baton Rouge Wins


New Orleans and Baton Rouge have actually comparable yearly climate circumstances however with some variants and both towns and cities may experience extreme climate occasions such as for instance hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes.

New Orleans might be more desirable available if you want a somewhat warmer and wetter environment, while Baton Rouge might be more desirable if you want a somewhat cooler and drier climate.

Verdict: Draw

Public transport

New Orleans has a far more considerable and diverse general public transport system than Baton Rouge. It offers four streetcar lines that tell you the town’s popular areas, for instance the French Quarter, St. Charles Avenue, and City Park.

The town has also many coach lines and two ferries that link the East and western banking institutions associated with Mississippi River. Besides, this has a fresh application called Le Pass enabling cyclists to cover passes, map their trips, and monitor the arrival times during the streetcars, buses, and ferries immediately.

Baton Rouge, alternatively, has a far more restricted general public transport system than brand new Orleans. It offers 21 coach roads which cover the town, but no streetcar or ferry solution. Baton Rouge has also a less user-friendly application than brand new Orleans, which just provides fundamental home elevators coach schedules and roads.

Although the town is likely to update its coach monitoring application and implement a bus fast transportation line along Plank path and Nicholson Drive, these jobs are dealing with delays and challenges.

Based with this contrast, we’d state that brand new Orleans has a far more favorable general public transport system than Baton Rouge, particularly for people who wish to explore the town’s tradition, history, and tourist attractions.

Verdict: Brand new Orleans Wins

Job possibilities

Now if you’re making a shift as a result of work possibilities, you might wish to give consideration to going to Brand new Orleans. 

The town has a far more diverse economy than Baton Rouge, with sectors such as for instance tourism, hospitality, activity, healthcare, training, and technology. Its house to numerous social tourist attractions, festivals, and occasions that attract site visitors and produce jobs for regional residents.

Baton Rouge, alternatively, has a far more restricted and concentrated economy than brand new Orleans, with sectors such as for instance federal government, petrochemicals, production, and training. Baton Rouge may be the money of Louisiana while the chair of numerous state agencies and organizations that use a lot of employees. 

In basic, brand new Orleans has more favorable work possibilities than Baton Rouge, particularly if you are seeking many different choices and companies. But Baton Rouge may provide more stable and safe jobs if you’re thinking about employed by the us government and/or commercial sector. 

Verdict: brand new Orleans Wins

Cuisine & Lifestyle


in terms of cuisine, both towns and cities have actually their own tastes. Brand new Orleans is well-known for its Creole food which can be a blend of French, Spanish, African, and Native United states influences.

Some associated with popular meals consist of gumbo, jambalaya, po’boys, and beignets. Baton Rouge is well-known for its Cajun food which can be a blend of French and Southern United states cooking designs. A number of the popular meals consist of crawfish étouffée, boudin balls, gumbo, and jambalaya.

Life Style

In regards to life style, both towns and cities provide a relaxed ambiance. Both towns and cities have actually their own charm and tourist attractions. If you’re searching for a city with an excellent music scene and rich social history, then brand new Orleans could be the area available.

On others hand, if you’re searching for a city with historic landmarks and museums offering a glimpse into Louisiana’s past along side delicious Cajun food, then Baton Rouge could be the area available.

Verdict: Draw

Crime prices 

According towards the information from BestPlaces, the violent criminal activity price in brand new Orleans is 49.1 per 100,000 individuals, while Baton Rouge’s violent criminal activity price is 47.2 per 100,000 individuals 2. with regards to home criminal activity, brand new Orleans has an interest rate of 56.8 per 100,000 individuals, while Baton Rouge’s home criminal activity price is greater at 66.4 per 100,000 individuals.

Another supply, Bayou Justice, states that in 2020, Baton Rouge had a violent criminal activity price of 1,091.8 incidents per 100,000 individuals, which can be greater than the nationwide average.

The violent criminal activity price in brand new Orleans had been also greater at 1,214.5 incidents per 100,000 individuals. HomeSnacks additionally states that Baton Rouge has an increased violent criminal activity price set alongside the state average.

Based on these available information, it would appear that brand new Orleans has a somewhat high rate when compared with Baton Rouge, but nevertheless, brand new Orleans has its safe areas.

Verdict: Baton Rouge Wins

Commute days

The average drive for residents of Baton Rouge is 2.4 mins smaller than its for residents of the latest Orleans. Based on BestPlaces, the typical drive amount of time in Baton Rouge is 21.4 mins, during brand new Orleans, its 23.77 mins.

Commute time is not the actual only real element to consider when you compare the 2 towns and cities. The mode of transport, traffic congestion, and distance working additionally play significant functions. Information from Stacker suggests that 9.2percent of employees in Baton Rouge drive for over one hour, when compared with 6.8percent in brand new Orleans.

36.37percent of Baton Rouge employees are used outside their house county, in comparison to 22.96percent in brand new Orleans. it is clear that more Baton Rouge employees face long-distance commutes and most likely increased traffic congestion compared to those in brand new Orleans.

Given these facets, brand new Orleans seems to have a much better commuting environment than Baton Rouge, even in the event the typical drive time is slightly longer. Brand new Orleans advantages from a wider number of transport choices, less long commutes, and less employees traveling from beyond your county.

Quality of lifetime Index

Data from Numbeo suggests that the standard of life index in Brand new Orleans is 144.51, during Baton Rouge its 161.02. This means Baton Rouge has an increased standard of living than brand new Orleans, based on this supply. 

New Orleans provides a higher buying energy index of 88.08 and an extremely high environment index of 86.501 nevertheless the security index is low at 31.811.

The price of residing index is fairly high at 79.241, nevertheless the home price-to-income ratio is quite low at 4.601, making homeownership more available for many individuals.

On others hand, Baton Rouge has an increased total well being Index at 161.022. It has an extremely high buying energy index of 113.19 and an extremely high environment index of 86.442. Like brand new Orleans, the security index is low at 28.932.

Baton Rouge has a moderate price of residing index at 71.562 and a straight reduced home price-to-income ratio at 1.662, suggesting so it’s less expensive to call home and have a house in Baton Rouge when compared with brand new Orleans.

Based in the basic data, we’d state that Baton Rouge has a much better standard of living Index.

Verdict: Baton Rouge Wins

New Orleans vs. Baton Rouge: which can be Better?

Based on List cash Secrets findings, it absolutely was difficult to split up between your two. While surviving in Baton Rouge had a much better total well being Index, cheaper of residing, and criminal activity prices, brand new Orleans alternatively edged Baton Rouge in facets like a much better general public transport system, work possibilities, and convenient drive times.

Overall rating,  (3-3).

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