15 Many Dangerous areas in DC

Let’s speak about one thing severe: security in Washington D.C. Yes, it is a lovely town with a rich history, it’s some safe areas not all communities are safe.  It’s crucial that you understand in which you’re going, particularly if you’re considering a move or preparation a trip. Therefore, we’ve put together a summary of the 15 many dangerous communities in D.C., centered on criminal activity prices alongside facets. 

Our aim is always to assist you to remain informed and safe. Here’s a listing to give you started.

The Many Dangerous areas in Washington D.C.

  • Shaw
  • Anacostia
  • Columbia Heights
  • Petworth
  • Benning Ridge
  • Deanwood
  • Carver/Langston
  • Edgewood
  • Trinidad
  • Congress Heights
  • Sursum Corda
  • Brentwood
  • Fairfax Village
  • Hill East
  • Kenilworth
  • Shaw

    Shaw, infamous for the elevated criminal activity prices, frequently penetrates the news. With an alarming wide range of reported incidents, it is certainly a neighborhood that warrants the adjective “dangerous”. The area’s criminal activity data expose a snapshot of this conditions that persist right here. Theft and attack are a couple of of the most extremely typical types of criminal activity contained in this community, presenting an obvious menace toward residents. 

    Anxiety is a continuing friend of these whom reside right here or occur to navigate through its lanes. The pillars of a safe community like safety, comfort, and neighborly trust be seemingly constantly eroding.

    The task of enhancing Shaw’s criminal activity data is undeniably hefty but most certainly not impossible. It’s a joint work by authorities, residents, and all sorts of included to produce Shaw a safer community with every moving time.


    Located in southeast quadrant of DC, Anacostia is a neighborhood with historic importance. Its understood for the Victorian-style homes while the Anacostia Community Museum. But this area faces a substantial battle with criminal activity. Inspite of the efforts of neighborhood police and community advocates, criminal activity prices right here stay regularly over the town’s typical. 

    Violent criminal activity, such as for example assaults and robberies, does occur often in Anacostia. In the event that you glance at the information, you’ll realize that residents listed below are prone to be victims of criminal activity. It has developed an alarm among the list of community, pressing them to consider ways of enhance their neighborhood’s security.

    Community conferences, community watches, and increased authorities patrols are techniques they’ve been checking out. Despite having these initiatives, switching the tides on criminal activity in Anacostia is still a difficult challenge.

    Columbia Heights

    If your home is in DC, you’re most likely acquainted with Columbia Heights. It’s a location where you are able to be prepared to encounter criminal activity above several other areas. Whilst it has its professionals, being notorious for security problems is certainly a con. Recently, the city has reported a substantial upsurge in violent incidents such as for example assaults. 

    Most times, you’ll find violent criminal activity data become well over the nationwide average right here. This community can also be understood for the burglaries, theft, and car theft situations. The Investment of town officials in presenting preventive measures has yet to create promising outcomes. Located in Columbia Heights means you should be additional conscious of your environments, specially during the night time hours.


    Petworth is a neighborhood found in the Northwestern quadrant of Washington D.C. regrettably, it’s frequently grabbed headlines the incorrect reasons, many thanks mostly to an evergrowing criminal activity price. 

    The crimes in Petworth encompass both violent and property crimes. With incidents such as for example break-ins, theft, and attack frequently reported, residents and site visitors alike frequently show issues over their wellbeing. The current presence of criminal activity additionally takes a toll in the general total well being in the region.

    However, it is only a few bleak in Petworth. Community efforts to fight criminal activity happen notable. Neighborhood view teams have actually sprung up while the active participation of residents in reporting incidents has aided the authorities respond regularly. Nevertheless, the necessity for an even more robust police existence and enhanced social infrastructure stays obvious. 

    Benning Ridge

    Benning Ridge discovers it self with this list because significant issue with criminal activity. This southeast DC community was fighting security problems in the last years. The violent criminal activity price of this type is specially high. These problems tend to be amplified using chapters of a nearby, causing fear and stress among residents. 

    On top of the, home criminal activity prices, such as for example theft and burglary, will also be significantly high. 


    Situated in Northeast quadrant of Washington DC, Deanwood is a place understood for the crime-related problems. it is not unusual to know news of violent crimes such as for example homicides and assaults right here. In reality, analytical reports expose that Deanwood regularly ranks among the list of communities aided by the greatest criminal activity price in town. 

    The neighborhood police agencies, such as the Metropolitan Police Department, are scrambling to place effective preventive measures in position. Despite their tireless efforts, the gravity of this situation stays unchanged. Locals tend to be concerned about their security while the future of these community.


    Carver/Langston region is an integral part of DC which inturn has arrived become understood for the crime-related problems. Security is a substantial challenge faced by the residents right here.

    The upsurge in thefts and assaults recently has place the neighborhood residents on high alert. The area residential district nature of Carver/Langston must not deceive you. it is suggested you remain careful and alert always to make certain your security. 

    The situation, but is not hopeless. Neighborhood police and community companies will work together to implement safety measures and suppress criminal activity prices. Teams patrol a nearby at any hour, while community watches happen founded to advertise a feeling of community vigilance.

    Despite the safety challenges, there is certainly a collective work to show the tide, also it’s this nature of unity that provides aspire to the residents of Carver/Langston.


    Reports show a nearby has among the greatest criminal activity prices in District of Columbia. Statistically, you stay a 1 in 22 possibility of dropping target to home or violent criminal activity inside the main town. 

    Steeped ever sold, Edgewood has already established a long-standing relationship with unlawful task. The region is famous for numerous incidents of violent crimes, such as for example robbery, attack, and weapon physical violence.

    And it is not only the night-time you should be wary about – criminal activity is a 24/7 concern right here, with both daylight and after-dark incidents reported often. 


    Trinidad showcases the diverse character that DC is famous for, but regrettably, in addition stands apart for the high criminal activity price. In the event that you’ve been contemplating going here, it is imperative to know very well what you’re engaging in. It’s especially famed for the strong public nature, nonetheless it’s additionally truthfully a hood in which you might like to be additional careful, specially when walking the roads during the night. 

    In regards to data, Trinidad takes the lowest i’m all over this the security ladder. Property crimes are especially predominant right here, with reports of theft, burglary, and automobile theft being a substantial concern.

    Many feature the increasing price of illicit tasks to facets like jobless, poverty, and drug abuse. But this does not negate Trinidad’s value since it strives to enhance the living conditions and security of its residents.

    Congress Heights

    Congress Heights is certainly one area in Washington D.C. that will pose some genuine safety problems. A number of felonies and misdemeanors happen recorded right here.

    Exposure to such information is sufficient to increase your eyebrows. But crucially, it is crucial that you realize the criminal activity stats and situational analysis of why the region ranks at the top of the unlawful tasks list. 

    According to current criminal activity information, above increase the town’s typical criminal activity price is reported from Congress Heights. This significant price is fairly concerning for residents and prospective people to the region.

    right here, numerous kinds of crimes are reported frequently, including robberies and aggravated assaults, which donate to a sense of pervasive insecurity. 

    Sursum Corda

    Sursum Corda frequently discovers it self on listings similar to this one due to the high criminal activity price. You have got a 1 in 18 possibility of being a victim of criminal activity inside community. Truly, it is not at all something to talk gently about.

    Violence alongside kinds of criminal activity are genuine issues for many who are now living in this section of DC. The high criminal activity price can, regrettably, cast a dark cloud within the community. 

    But it is crucial never to forget the actions that community leaders and neighborhood residents are using to produce things better. Resident associations and community facilities will work difficult to provide tasks for teenagers.

    Policymakers will also be placing their minds together to generate ways of reduce criminal activity. But despite these initiatives, Sursum Corda continues to be a location that needs a cautious approach, especially in the evening.


    You might have heard that Brentwood in DC was coping with some security problems. This will be regrettably real. Recently, Brentwood has already established its reasonable share of criminal activity – mostly involving physical violence and theft-related offenses. 

    Despite efforts to create the figures down, Brentwood continues to be an integral part of DC in which you will need to remain vigilant. it is not unusual to know of incidents of robbery if not attack, which will be an obvious sign of this community’s ongoing fight with unlawful task.

    With 7,990 crimes being reported for each 100k individuals, you have got a 1 in 13 possibility of being a victim aswell. 

    Fairfax Village

    Fairfax Village often seems like a peaceful domestic area. But beneath this relaxed outside, lies an unsettling amount of unlawful tasks. it is much less safe while you might expect and needs are increasing for effective security precautions to control criminal activity prices. 

    Crime problems are priced between robberies and assaults to more severe felonies. The nighttime brings a wave of unease as a result of regular petty thefts and break-ins. It’s very better to keep an even of alertness while visiting or residing in this area.

    Hill East

    Hill East, also called Barney’s Circle, has regrettably obtained a reputation for criminal activity. Found in the eastern section of DC, near Capitol Hill while the nationwide Park—the community faces routine unlawful tasks. Stepping outside following the sunlight decreases are anxiety-inducing, specially as a result of incidents of violent crimes. 

    Property crimes will also be a substantial issue in Hill East. Break-ins and theft aren’t unusual and neighborhood residents frequently share warnings and updates about criminal activity in the region through message boards and team chats.

    But don’t be too fast to exclude Hill East. Inspite of the criminal activity price, there are additionally lots of friendly next-door neighbors and community-oriented activities which make Hill East more than simply its criminal activity data.


    Kenilworth is a neighborhood understood for the lovely aquatic gardens. But under the area Beauty, its a neighborhood regrettably understood for the high criminal activity prices. Over time, a nearby has struggled in its combat criminal activity, becoming among the riskier places to reside in Washington DC. 

    The crimes reported right here mostly incorporate theft and attack. The likelihood to become a victim of either violent or property criminal activity is a lot bigger when compared with areas. Residents frequently express concern about their security, specially during the night time.

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