15 Many Liberal Cities in Florida (2023 guide!)

Ever considered going to Florida but concerned you do not participate in the politics? Don’t stress, only a few of Florida is deep red.

The Sunshine State really has some really liberal towns and cities that will make any left-leaning individual feel right in the home. From north to south, here you will find the many liberal towns and cities in Florida where in fact the locals have a tendency to vote blue.


Tallahassee, the main city of Florida, can also be probably one of the most modern towns and cities within the state. Residence to Florida State University and Florida A&M University, Tallahassee has a youthful, open-minded nature.

You’ll find a captivating arts and music scene, historic theaters, separate bookstores, and cafes ideal for chatting or doing a crossword. On weekends, look at Downtown market farmers’ market or get an indie movie during the each Saints Cinema.

Politically, Leon County, which encompasses Tallahassee, votes overwhelmingly Democratic. The town has passed away modern policies like banning single-use synthetic bags, protecting LGBT liberties, and decriminalizing smaller amounts of cannabis.

With its natural Beauty, social tourist attractions, and forward-thinking mind-set, Tallahassee provides a breath of oxygen for liberals residing in or visiting sunlight State. No wonder locals lovingly call it “Tally.”

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Gainesville is a liberal oasis in a sea of red. Residence towards University of Florida, with more than 50,000 pupils, Gainesville has a youthful, modern vibe. Voters right here highly supported Democrats within the 2020 election, with Biden getting over 70percent of this vote.

Gainesville ended up being additionally an earlier adopter of LGBTQ liberties, banning discrimination centered on intimate orientation or sex identification in 1992. The town has a thriving homosexual community and hosts a yearly Pride event. Politically, the Alachua County Commission is dominated by Democrats.

The town has a booming farm-to-table Food scene, with numerous vegan and natural choices. Environmentalism can also be essential right here, using the town pledging to change to 100percent renewable power.

While a lot of north Florida is very conservative, Gainesville marches towards beat of a unique drummer.

With an informed, youthful population and a culture that values variety and sustainability, Gainesville epitomizes the current progressive town. For liberals seeking to relocate to Florida, Gainesville must be towards the top of your list.


Known if you are the house of Walt Disney World, Orlando can also be considered probably one of the most liberal towns and cities in Florida.

The town appeals to young, modern residents and it has a rather high training degree, with more than 40percent of residents keeping a bachelor’s level or more. Orlando even offers a rather diverse populace, with big Hispanic, Asian, and African-American communities.

Politically, Orlando leans greatly Democratic. Into the 2020 election, Joe Biden won over 60percent of this vote in Orange County in which Orlando is found. The town council can also be bulk Democrat. A few of the most liberal and safe communities in Orlando consist of university Park, Thornton Park, and Downtown Orlando.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a favorite town among liberals in Florida. Based in Pinellas County, St. Petersburg happens to be a Democratic stronghold for many years. The town has a thriving arts and tradition scene, beaches over the Gulf Coast and a general modern vibe.

St. Pete, as locals call it, regularly votes for Democratic prospects and modern problems. The town has prohibited synthetic bags, straws, and particular pesticides, showing its dedication to ecological security and sustainability. St. Petersburg even offers a sizable LGBTQ populace and hosts one of many biggest Pride festivals within the state.

With kilometers of beaches, museums, art breweries, and an expanding meals scene, St. Petersburg appeals to young liberals and families alike. Lease and house costs in St. Pete are increasing because appeal, however the town stays cheaper than Miami or Fort Lauderdale for all.

St. Petersburg’s liberal and laid-back Lifestyle continues to draw brand new residents whom value addition, tradition, and outside tasks.

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Key western

The southernmost town within the continental U.S., Key western is definitely a refuge 100% free thinkers and nonconformists. Along with its tropical, laid-back vibe, Key western appeals to numerous liberal-minded residents and site visitors.

The town has a well-established homosexual community and ended up being an earlier adopter of LGBTQ defenses and liberties. Key western ended up being additionally during the forefront of this motion to legalize medical cannabis in Florida. Along with no building limitations, the town’s eclectic architecture reflects its anything-goes philosophy.

If you’re seeking to escape the limitations of conventional culture, the liberal utopia of Key western welcomes available hands.

Fort Lauderdale

Known because of its beachy vibes and LGBTQ-friendly mindset, Fort Lauderdale is a liberal oasis in Southern Florida.

The town has an extended reputation for modern values and ended up being one of the primary to pass through anti-discrimination rules protecting the LGBTQ community. Today, Fort Lauderdale continues to champion modern reasons like ecological security, immigration reform, and weapon control.

You’ll discover that the entire mind-set in Fort Lauderdale is laid-back and open-minded. Residents right here accept variety and individuality. Therefore whether you’re an associate of this LGBTQ community, an environmentalist, or simply an open-minded individual, you’ll feel right in the home within small liberal haven.

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach the most liberal towns and cities in Florida. Based in Palm Beach County, western Palm Beach has a hip, innovative vibe and it is house to a lot of modern thinkers. You’ll find free galleries, indie music venues, and a lively meals scene. Western Palm Beach has a tendency to vote overwhelmingly Democratic in elections.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is a favorite coastline town in southern Florida that’s understood because of its lively nightlife, Art Deco architecture, and gay-friendly mindset.

Given its variety and liberal social values, Miami Beach regularly votes Democratic in elections. Residents have a tendency to help modern policies around immigration, medical, training, and environment.

Wilton Manors

Wilton Manors is a city in Broward County, Florida with a really liberal and modern reputation. This has a sizable LGBT populace and ended up being as soon as nicknamed “The Island City”.

In the 1990s, Wilton Manors started revitalizing its downtown area and advertising arts and tradition. The town passed an ordinance banning discrimination centered on intimate orientation.


Known because of its stunning beaches and unmatched arts scene, Sarasota is a cultural mecca for liberals.

With a walkable downtown, locally-owned companies, and ecological conservation efforts, Sarasota has a progressive vibe.

Boca Raton

Boca Raton is a coastal town in Palm Beach County, understood because of its affluent and liberal-leaning populace. With kilometers of beaches, luxury resorts, and an excellent downtown, Boca appeals to left-leaning retirees and young specialists alike.

Delray Beach

Delray Beach is famous because of its liberal and modern environment. The town has an, eclectic vibe that appeals to open-minded residents and site visitors.

Delray Beach ended up being one of the primary towns and cities in Florida to pass through anti-discrimination rules protecting LGBTQ liberties. The town additionally aims to market ecological sustainability and it has won honors because of its green initiatives.

Winter Park

Welcome to 1 of the very most modern towns and cities within the Sunshine State. Winter Park is famous because of its lush areas, good quality of life, and liberal mind-set. Around 70percent of residents right here vote blue, and town payment recently passed an ordinance banning transformation treatment. You’ll find many locals are open-minded and inviting of individuals from all walks of life.

With its upscale downtown, inviting meals and arts scene, and nearby Rollins university, Winter Park has a cultured and educated vibe. The town celebrates variety and individuality, as evidenced by the countless indie boutiques, cafes, and galleries along Park Avenue. If you’re seeking to escape the conservative politics somewhere else in Florida, Winter Park could possibly be a perfect refuge.

Coral Gables

Known because of its strict zoning rules and Mediterranean-style architecture, Coral Gables the most affluent towns and cities in Florida. Residence towards University of Miami, “The City Beautiful” has a somewhat young, educated populace and voted overwhelmingly Democratic within the 2020 election.

Port St. Lucie

Port St. Lucie is a city situated in St. Lucie County, Florida. It’s the many populous municipality within the county with more than 185,000 residents. The town has a location of 120 square kilometers, situated about 120 kilometers southeast of Orlando and about 120 kilometers northwest of Miami.

Port St. Lucie has a generally liberal and Democratic voting populace. Into the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton won the town with more than 56percent of this vote. The town even offers a somewhat raised percentage of authorized Democrats at around 41percent of authorized voters.

The town ranks very in total well being and security. This has the lowest criminal activity price and price of residing, in addition to outside outdoor recreation with more than 20 kilometers of beaches and St. Lucie River. The town’s general public K-12 schools may also be well liked. These facets most likely play a role in the town’s liberal and modern values.

Final Ideas

While a lot of Florida stays usually conservative, these towns and cities provide a refuge for many seeking to encircle on their own with like-minded people.

The tradition, variety, and community values in towns and cities like Gainesville, Orlando, and St. Petersburg attract more youthful, well-educated, and open-minded residents.

If you’re seeking to relocate to Florida but desire to remain real towards liberal ideals, give consideration to including one of these brilliant towns and cities towards shortlist. You’ll find your governmental and social views are welcomed and you’ll maintain good business.

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