13 advantages and disadvantages of located in Provo, UT

Wondering if Provo, Utah, could be the right complement you? This post stops working the professionals and cons of residing in Provo that will help you determine.

Pros of located in Provo

The outdoors

Sandwiched between hills and a lake, Provo provides a bunch of normal destinations to help keep you active. 

Pick a direction, any way. In the event that you get appropriate, you’ll bump into Utah Lake – a perfect locale for fishing, sailing, and tent camping. Now step up the alternative way, and you’ll come across Wasatch hill number, that provides an array of tracks for climbing and cycling. 

There may also be a great amount of areas round the town to help you extend your feet or enjoy a picnic. Did we point out the skiing? That is Utah most likely, and you’re simply a distance far from among the better powdery slopes imaginable. 

Affordable Housing

Provo, Utah is much like a concealed treasure about property. Housing rates right here are usually significantly below the U.S. average. Whether you are thinking about renting or purchasing a property, your wallet will thanks. 

You have the fantasy home additionally the fantasy cost, all in one single package. If beginning a family group or spending less is in your thoughts, then Provo ticks the containers using its affordable housing choices. The inexpensive of housing provides you some space to inhale economically and supplies the possibility of house ownership to a broader array of earnings amounts.

Educational Possibilities

One of big advantages of residing in Provo could be the wide range of academic possibilities open to you. Brigham younger University (BYU) is appropriate in yard, plus it’s among the top universities in country. You’ve got top-notch programs in topics like company, legislation, and training. As well as the best benefit? You obtain these advantages and never having to fight a large number of pupils for a parking spot.

But it is not only about BYU. Let’s keep in mind Utah Valley University using its variety of level programs or Mountainland Technical university understood because of its vocational and technical programs.

And if you’re taking care of your children’ training, Provo does not disappoint. The town’s general public schools regularly score over the nationwide average. Plus, moms and dads have actually the opportunity to pick from a few charter and personal schools to fit their children’s academic requirements.

Low Criminal activity Rate

You may well not consider it frequently, nevertheless the criminal activity price of a city is a simple element when it comes to where you can settle. Provo is a wonderful player within industry. It offers a significantly low criminal activity price. 

According towards FBI’s criminal activity information, Provo’s criminal activity price per 1,000 residents appears considerably below the nationwide average. Meaning, on a time, the chances of you becoming a victim of a crime in Provo are very slim. 

Clean and Safe roads

Clean roadways would be the norm right here, maybe not the exclusion. Having less litter alone is sufficient to allow you to be stay in awe. The thing is, the folks of Provo just take pride inside their environments. They have confidence in pitching into keep their town clean. In the event that you’ve constantly had a soft spot for cleanliness, Provo could take your heart. 

Access to nationwide Parks

If you’re the sort whom really loves our mother earth, Provo could be the destination for you personally. The town has convenient usage of a lot of nationwide areas! 

Take a quick drive and you’re within home of some genuine normal attention candy. We’re referring to the world-renowned Bryce Canyon and Arches nationwide Park. They’re places in which the landscapes look less like world and much more like Mars. You’ll lose your self in these crazy places. 

Provo normally a stone’s discard from Capitol Reef additionally the undisputed jewel of Utah’s nationwide areas – Zion. Don’t your investment mighty Rocky Mountains – they’re maybe not nationwide areas, but they’re nevertheless breathtaking! If you’re into big-horn sheep, crazy turkeys, black colored bears, and cougars, these areas won’t disappoint you. 

Religious variety

Even though Provo is well known because of its prevalent Mormon populace, there’s space for many kinds of opinions within city. 

From Catholics to Protestants to Buddhists, you’ll find many different spiritual organizations for various faith teams. There’s a surprising mixture of religious expressions that will motivate you to exercise thooughly your faith muscle tissue!

Low price of residing

From your regular grocery bill to energy expenses, every thing right here is often on reduced part versus nationwide averages. We now haven’t also mentioned housing expenses yet, which, as formerly stated, are particularly affordable. 

And spoiler alert: their state taxation in Utah is not too much either. Therefore, if you are cost-conscious and seeking to help make your paychecks extend that small bit further, Provo may be simply the admission.

Cons of residing in Provo, Utah?

Like anyplace with this lovely earth, Provo features its own downsides. Let’s check out the drawbacks of residing in Provo, Utah. 

Less variety 

Looking within facts, 89percent of its residents are of European lineage. If you are an individual who thrives in a multicultural environment, this may be a little bit of difficult for you personally. Having less variety might restrict your experience of various countries, languages, and methods for life until you look for them down your self.

It’s not saying there aren’t tries to increase variety, it is simply they’re going within speed of a snail.

High Mormon Population 

Now, this is certainlyn’t always a poor thing. Actually, it could have numerous good edges, like a very good feeling of community and provided values. However the simple truth is, over 80percent of Provo’s residents identify as Mormon. 

If you originate from a different sort of spiritual history or you’re maybe not especially spiritual anyway, this may feel overwhelming. You could feel just like an outsider. If going to church is not your cup tea, you’ll get skipping many regional public tasks, since they are frequently church-oriented. 

Also, the prevalent Mormon Lifestyle influences such things as liquor laws. This may be a downer if you are keen on enjoying a day wine or a late-night alcohol after a tough day’s work. 

Cold Winters 

If you’re a cold-weather lover, this is certainly your haven! Grab your wool socks, as well as your oversized scarves, and embrace the frosty wonderland. 

But if you’re the sort that shudders within considered a chilly breeze, you might find these winters just a little tough to ingest. You’ll should be prepared for warming price surges in winter time. And there’s the automobile: prepare for periodic snowfall tires, de-icing, and the ones very early mornings invested scraping ice off your windshield. You could also wish to be close friends together with your regional snowfall plow motorist. 

Too Much outside tasks

Yes, you are reading that right. Provo, perhaps among the top nature-rich areas in the nation, could even overwhelm its sheer level of outside tasks. This may seem ironic, but let’s break it down. 

Provo is a haven for folks who adore hiking, camping, fishing, snowboarding, and simply about every outside task it is possible to think about. But can way too many choices become a con? 

Well, for adrenaline junkies, outside enthusiasts, and the ones who have been created with hiking shoes strapped with their legs, it is a blessing. The action Bucket list will likely never ever end. There would continually be a fresh path to hike, a fresh river to raft, or a fresh hill to rise. 

But if you are an individual who can’t differentiate a kayak from a canoe,. Provo might drive one to the brink of outside madness. The social scene is made around such tasks, therefore on weekends it is quite normal to see a mass exodus of men and women going towards the hills and/or pond. Should this ben’t your cup tea, you may feel a little overlooked or forced to participate in tasks that don’t always align together with your choices. 

So, within viewpoint, for many, outside tasks could certainly develop into a con. But once again, it virtually is based on individual choices.

Less Job possibilities in some industries 

Think towards film industry, finance, pc software development, or advanced level medical research. The task possibilities in these industries in Provo won’t perhaps you have leaping for joy, that’s for certain.

Provo’s power is based on training and services-related jobs, considering Brigham younger University and lots of big healthcare businesses. But, if you’re interested in a high-profile business gig, many times the choices a bit…thin on the floor. 

Is Provo an excellent destination to Live?

Provo is an excellent spot to live, especially for your retirement, because of its affordable living expenses, low criminal activity price, and a great amount of outside tasks to help keep you busy.

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