10+ benefits and drawbacks Of located in Clarksville, TN

Considering going to Clarksville, TN, and weighing up the good qualities and cons?

You’re on course.

In this short article, we’ll breakdown the highs and lows of located in Clarksville, assisting you determine if it is top complement you.

Let’s plunge in to the details.

Pros of staying in Clarksville

listed here are good reasons for one to make Clarksville your following house:

Clarksville has that friendly, close-knit vibe in which every person generally seems to understand one another. Individuals right here truly relate with their next-door neighbors and there’s an actual feeling of belonging floating around.

The town’s constantly buzzing with neighborhood activities like streams and Spires Festival and also the Downtown marketplace. These gatherings not just bring every person together for many enjoyable and assist people relationship over provided passions you’ve constantly got you to definitely lean on and brand new buddies are simply just about to happen.

Proximity to Nashville

Living in Clarksville, you’re simply a hop and a skip far from Nashville’s buzzing music and social spots. Imagine striking up a concert, tasting a few of Nashville’s famous consumes, or simply just soaking inside town vibes, then returning to Clarksville’s laid-back charm by sunset. If you are considering household vibes, Nashville is a fairly sweet spot for that too. With Clarksville, you’ve got a fantastic stability.


The price of located in Clarksville is 20percent less than the nationwide average, which makes it a stylish choice for families, young specialists, and retirees. Housing expenses, specifically, are particularly reduced with $854 monthly, you are able to lease a one-bedroom apartment.

right here you are able to enjoy a superior quality of life with no hefty cost and Save Money for any other priorities, such as for example training, travel, or opportunities.

Natural Beauty

Nestled between rolling hills and also the Cumberland River, Clarksville is a dream be realized proper whom really loves the outside. Places like Dunbar Cave State Park are ideal for climbing or an informal picnic.

And being near to Fort Campbell? This means you are able to get fishing, searching, or camping if you feel it.

Good Academic Institutions

Clarksville is proud to possess Austin Peay State University right in its yard. Not just does it bring educational possibilities, but it addittionally adds a splash of tradition and recreations excitement towards the mix.

With pupils, instructors, and staff entering city, the spot simply seems more lively and cultured. And let’s keep in mind the way the college attracts site visitors and sparks brand new tips, providing the area economy a great small boost.

Economic Possibilities

As Clarksville gets larger, task possibilities are booming. From medical to training as well as factory jobs, there’s one thing for everybody. The town’s leaders will always researching ways to generate brand new companies, which can be ideal for the area economy.

With its great location, affordable living, and business-friendly vibe, Clarksville is a magnet for both budding business owners and big businesses. Along with the town therefore dedicated to development, people residing right here have actually numerous possibilities to amount up within their jobs.

Cons of staying in Clarksville

The downsides consist of: 

Traffic Congestion

As Clarksville gets larger, the traffic’s getting trickier, specially on primary roadways like Wilma Rudolph Boulevard and Fort Campbell Boulevard.

The town’s roadways simply weren’t prepared with this numerous vehicles, causing longer Travel times plus some genuine headaches during rush hour. it is not only an inconvenience; it could toss down people’s times while making residing here a little less easy-going.

Higher Criminal activity Rate

Clarksville’s criminal activity price is a little over the nationwide average, with both home crimes like theft and violent incidents occurring more regularly compared to other places. With 26 crimes for each thousand people, it is positively one thing to bear in mind.

That stated, Clarksville has its safe spots, specially inside south. Therefore although the stats may be concerning, you can find safe areas in Clarksville where you could feel more comfortable.

Natural catastrophe danger

Clarksville, similar to other spots in Tennessee, will get struck by tornadoes and floods every once in awhile. it is constantly advisable for people become prepared for may be. Considering some information, about 14percent of Clarksville homes—that’s over 5,000 of them—might face severe flooding problems throughout the next three decades.

That may be an actual stress, not only for security but in addition for people contemplating their domiciles and wallets. Nevertheless, Tennessee is a fairly great spot to phone house, and lots of love residing right here despite these challenges.

Weather Extremes

Clarksville gets a taste of four periods, from sweaty summers to chilly winters. Some people love the change inside climate, while some will dsicover it a little tough, particularly when they’re a new comer to such modifications.

Summer will get gluey and actually hot, which can ben’t everyone’s cup tea. So when wintertime rolls in, it could get super cool, bumping up those warming bills and quite often tossing a wrench in plans.

Limited Healthcare Alternatives

Clarksville has fundamental medical spots, but also for the greater specific material, you may have to go up to Nashville.

This may be some a pain if you’d like particular remedies or care that Clarksville simply does not provide. Striking the street for medical visits can add on some anxiety, additional expenses, and damage your everyday routine.

Is Clarksville good destination to Live?

Absolutely, Clarksville is a good option for many individuals seeking to relax. Here’s why:

The town’s vibe is hot and friendly, which makes it simple for newcomers to feel right in the home. Clarksville’s got a mixture of small-town charm and use of big-city amenities, as a result of its close proximity to Nashville. The people shopping for academic and social boosts, having Austin Peay State University inside mix is a huge victory. Plus, there’s no shortage of task possibilities in sectors like medical, training, and manufacturing.

Now, like anywhere, Clarksville’s got its challenges. Traffic may be a headache, specially on roadways like Wilma Rudolph Boulevard and Fort Campbell Boulevard. There’s additionally some a crime problem, however it’s well worth noting that some areas, specially inside south, are pretty safe.

Weather-wise, you can experience every period in its complete glory. Hot summers and chilly winters are an element of the package, but the majority of people love the variety. Regarding wellness front side, while there are lots of neighborhood medical facilities, you may have in order to make a vacation to Nashville for specific care.

All in every, if you’re fun with some a weather move and realize the area challenges, Clarksville has heaps to provide. it is positively a contender if you are considering making a move to Tennessee.

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